What do Jungle gyms and TV’s have in common?

I know I know… it is dangerous to climb on a TV but, I bet you didn’t know that they were invented in the same year, 1920. Well its true.

The first steel Jungle gym was invented in 1920 and was patented by the lawyer, Sebastian Hinton, in Chicago. It was considered the safest playground equipment. The Jungle gym was just a bunch of squares, there weren’t many different shapes. Until the monkey bars were invented in 1930, they were the most popular gym to play on, they are one of the best forms of strength for all human beings. A jungle gym can be anything you climb on. ( Not a TV )

Swings were surprisingly invented about 2500 years ago, isn’t that amazing? People have loved swings since then. If you think about it, when you go the park or playground, there is always a Jungle gym. Right?

Children love to play on Jungle gyms, they love the adventure and the fun a jungle gym brings.

Children enjoy spending time outdoors. Not only does it make them happy but being in nature has several benefits for children. Being outside allows your child the opportunity to explore their surroundings. It assists in the development of muscle strength, coordination and self-confidence.

All these benefits will help your child in their early years, and will help them develop into strong, confident individuals. As a parent, your first instinct is to protect your children. Although it isn’t safe for children to play at a park nearby unattended, you can bring the park to your children.

You can install a pre-designed jungle gym in your backyard, making playdates memorable for your children and their friends. You can even add jungle gym accessories to make it a better experience. For example, look at including playground equipment like a monkey bars, firemen’s pole, rope and a swing set to ensure that your kids have many options to choose from.

With a jungle gym at home, you can rest assured knowing that your child is safe and happy without hindering their growth. I don’t know about you but I sure would rather love to have a Jungle gym in my back yard than a TV.

Blog written by Samuel Combrink

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