Toddler Swing

KidZplay’s two seater toddler swing with back-rests

An old favourite, the toddler swing for children, with two enclosed seats facing each other.

This one holds a great childhood memory for many of us…a memory of MUCH fun and endless hours of pretend play.  The swing is big enough to comfortably fit four children and even Mum (or Dad)!

  • Space for at least 4!
  • Loads of fun…
  • Can you remember the feeling?
  • Layout for dimensions
KidZplay Toddler Swing, space for at least 4!
Space for at least 4!
KidZplay Toddler Swing, loads of fun...
Loads of fun…
KidZplay Toddler Swing, can you remember the feeling?
Can you remember the feeling?
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