Double Drums Playground Equipment

Climbing, crawling and hiding fun for children.

The Double Drum children’s playground equipment is designed to have good climbing opportunities for energetic children on the outside, with a slightly elevated crawl through or hiding space below, and is home to many adventures.

Single drum options are also available. Adventures waiting to happen! We can all remember drums from our childhood – and these are wonderful, colourful additions to any playground equipment you have already. Not only are they designed to have good climbing opportunities on the outside, but they are the home to many adventures.

The drums are a suitable addition to your playground for even the youngest crawler who loves the wobbly feeling of climbing through. The adventurous toddler-climber enjoys the opportunities for exploration above as well as within, while the junior-schooler can get right into his or her world of pretend by riding on a train above or escaping into a dark cave within!

The fixing of the drum with chains ensures no squashed fingers while having enough give to ensure hours of exciting entertainment.

KidZplay double drums, fun for toddlers to primary school children.
From toddlers to primary school children.
KidZplay double drums, where the imagination is unlimited...
The imagination is unlimited…
KidZplay double drums, good climbing for littlies too.
Good climbing for littlies too.

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