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Smart Start Combo

R640.59 per month

The Smart Start package is used by many Mums and small creche’s who are looking for an all-rounder gym together with swings.  This will keep up to 8 children captivated at one time and ensure many, many hours of continuous exploration.


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Available to Rent!

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So, why would you want to jump at this offer?

The combination of gym and swing set is a winner as not only do you:
1.  Get the benefits of a fantastic gym with all the features below, BUT
2.  You ALSO get an A-frame double swing set.

So, you score a Basic Mini Gym:

  • Safety stairs
  • Platform
  • Slide with safety handles
  • Hanging drum
  • 2 movable steering wheels
  • Roof
  • Bell (detachable for parent/teacher sanity)

Add an Toddler Swing:
For young children, swinging allows them to develop their spatial awareness, providing a solid foundation for complex learning and behaviour as they grow. Swinging stimulates the cerebral cortex – the part of the brain which helps you focus – preparing young minds for learning.  Children love swinging on swings – they are essential for every playground!


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