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  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Smart-Start-Bundle_L131

    Smart Start Combo

    R605.00 R544.50 Select options
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Great-Beginnings-Bundle_L130

    Great Beginnings Combo

    R1,040.00 R936.00 Select options
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Skill-Builder-Bundle_L160

    Skill Builder Combo

    R590.00 R531.00 Select options
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Social-Climber-Bundle_L85

    Social Climber Combo

    R820.00 R738.00 Monthly Rental: Add to Cart
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Imagination-Station-Bundle_L29

    Imagination Station Combo

    R1,280.00 R1,152.00 Select options
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Discoverer-Bundle_L59

    Discoverer Combo

    R770.00 R693.00 Monthly Rental: Add to Cart
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Explorer-Bundle_L65

    Explorer Combo

    R945.00 R850.50 Monthly Rental: Add to Cart
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Adventurer-Bundle_L68

    Adventurer Combo

    R1,380.00 R1,242.00 Select options
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Captivating-Bundle_L144

    Captivating Combo

    R960.00 R864.00 Monthly Rental: Add to Cart
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Engaging-Bundle_L26

    Engaging Combo

    R1,310.00 R1,179.00 Monthly Rental: Add to Cart
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Intriguing-Bundle_L5

    Intriguing Combo

    R3,025.00 R2,722.50 Select options
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