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Intriguing Combo

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The Intriguing package is used by early childhood development centres, restaurants, estates and nurseries who have a wide range of children they are catering for.  This is certainly THE package that offers EVERYTHING.


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All units rented out. Join the waiting list?


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4 × Fantasy Toy for Package

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So, why would you want to JUMP at this offer?

The combination of so many pieces of KidZplay equipment aimed at different ages is a winner as not only do you:
1.  Get the benefits of a Mini gym, safe and fun for the 9 month to 3 year olds, BUT
2.  You get a Roly gym for those who are ‘too big’ for the Mini but still need the safety of bars guiding them.
3.  AND, you ALSO get the Landy gym catering for children 4 years and older.
4.  You get the famous 6m Balance Beam – just watch the fun happening!,
5.  You get a Double Drum – bright, colourful, enticing….a place for adventure, physical skill building and quiet contemplation all in one.
6.  You get a Climbing Frame.
7.  PLUS, a 2 Drum Balance Beam
8.  BUT you ALSO get FOUR Fantasy toys of your choice to cater for every need from boosting language development to building cognitive and physical skills. This is all done on equipment where children can feel, safe, loved and confident.

What more can be added to this?  The COMPLETE playground.

So, you score a Basic Mini Gym:

A fantastic gym made especially for 9 months to 3 year olds.  It has everything you need for their development of confidence, socialisation, physical and cognitive skills, communication mastery and growth of imagination.  The Mini gym includes:

  • Safety stairs
  • Platform
  • Slide with safety handles
  • Hanging drum
  • 2 movable steering wheels
  • Roof
  • Bell (detachable for parent/teacher sanity)

AND, you get a Roly Gym:

The KidZplay Roly Gym is perfectly designed as an intermediate gym for your children. This is the age of pretend – and what better place to do it than up where they can see the world and be off to distant horizons on a ship or a bus!  The Roly gym includes:

  • Access Ladder
  • 2 platforms
  • Slide
  • Climbing area
  • Moving Drum
  • 2 steering wheels
  • Roof
  • Commando rope
  • Adjustable Hang rings (to your child’s height)
  • Adjustable Trapeze Bar (convertible into swing)

AND you get a Landy Gym:

The KidZplay Landy Gym is perfectly designed as an advanced gym for children. It is understandably our most popular gym model and a prized piece of equipment in any child’s playground.

The Landy gym includes:

  • Access Ladder
  • 2 platforms
  • Slide
  • Climbing area
  • Moving Car
  • Monkey bars
  • Roof
  • Commando rope
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Drum or Boat as replacements for Car
  • Adjustable Hang rings (to your child’s height)
  • Adjustable Trapeze Bar (convertible into swing)

AND a 6m Balance Beam
Age appropriate balance and coordination allows children to be involved in sports participation with success as it aids fluid body movement for physical skill performance. When children stabilize themselves from an unstable pose, they learn how to focus faster and more accurately.  The KidZplay 6m Balance beam is literally that – 6 metres of skill development waiting to happen!  The ‘wiggly’ shape was added by the team for extra challenge (as well as space restriction considerations.)

AND you get a Double Drum:
This consists of 2 brightly coloured 210 litre drums welded together and hung on chain under a rounded metal climbing frame.

Double Drums Set Standard features:

  • 2 x Drums welded together
  • Rounded climbing frame under which the drums are suspended by chain so that they can rock

AND a Climbing Frame
Climbing Frames are great challenges as they provide for many hours of developing body strength and spatial perception as children experiment with somersaulting over bars, hanging by hands or knees, climbing and stretching.

ALSO a 2 Drum Balance Beam:

It has been said that balance and coordination are two of the most important gross motor skills in a child’s physical development.

2 Drum Balance Beam Standard features:

  • Access and Exit Ladders
  • 2 Hanging Drums elevated from the ground
  • Opportunities for climbing over the drums
  • 150mm wide and 1.5m long balancing walkway between drums

Add FOUR Fantasy Toys (of your choice):

When children are young, they’re learning all sorts of things about the world around them at an incredibly speedy pace, and toys can provide a wonderful outlet for exploring and grasping these newly found concepts.

It is YOUR choice between FOUR of the following fantasy toys:

  1. 4-Wheeler
  2. Aeroplane
  3. Digger
  4. Fire-engine
  5. Helicopter
  6. Motorbike
  7. Racing Car
  8. Rocking Horse
  9. Tractor
  10. Train

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