360 Degree Swivel See-saw

R240.00 per month

The KidZplay Swivel See-saw  means endless hours of bouncing fun, muscle building and sensory stimulation for your 4 to 9 year old children.

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The KidZplay Swivel See-Saw is perfect for building core strength as your child moves the see-saw up and down. See-saws help children understand motion through space, body balance, and even risk assessment because of its movement. When you add to this the ability to rotate, this stimulates different parts of a child’s brain simultaneously, which promotes the development of interconnected pathways. These connections are important for learning skills such as spatial awareness, rhythm, balance, muscle control, etc.

The KidZplay Swivel See-saw consists of a 3 metre rounded beam with 2 seats and hand holds on either end, with a specially designed pivot in the centre on a stand (no need to dig in).  It can either rotate or be pinned to only allow up and down movement.

Swivel See-saw Standard features:

  • 3m rounded beam with central pivot system on elevated stand
  • 2 seats with hand holds on either end of the beam

Additional information

Weight40 kg
Dimensions300 × 300 × 80 cm

Age Group

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Designed for

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