Jungle Gym Rental Bundles

So many options! We’ve made it easy for you to choose the ideal jungle gym + accessories for your needs. Designed for age-appropriate play and for a range of budgets.

  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Set-Up-Bundle_L141

    Set Up Combo

    R484.80 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Smart-Start-Bundle_L131

    Smart Start Combo

    R640.59 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Great-Beginnings-Bundle_L130

    Great Beginnings Combo

    R1,098.92 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Skill-Builder-Bundle_L160

    Skill Builder Combo

    R622.45 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay 2 Drum + balance beam playground set children playing

    Social Climber Combo

    R868.24 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Imagination-Station-Bundle_L29

    Imagination Station Combo

    R1,353.03 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Discoverer-Bundle_L59

    Discoverer Combo

    R815.29 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Explorer-Bundle_L65

    Explorer Combo

    R1,000.58 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Adventurer-Bundle_L68

    Adventurer Combo

    R1,458.91 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Captivating-Bundle_L144

    Captivating Combo

    R1,016.47 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Engaging-Bundle_L26

    Engaging Combo

    R1,387.05 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Intriguing-Bundle_L5

    Intriguing Combo

    R3,193.88 per month
Join Waitlist Please note that we are currently only waitlisting rentals for KwaZulu-Natal based requests. If you live outside KwaZulu-Natal, please take a look at the 'Buy' portion of our web site as we do not rent gyms outside of KZN..