KidZplay Landy Gym

Our most popular jungle gym

The “Landy” is understandably our most popular steel jungle gym model and a prized piece of equipment in any children’s playground.

The 2 platforms provide a great area for much adventure into the world of pretend.  For your princess, it is the perfect spot for a tea party or her home where she arranges all her babies or teaches “school”.  For the prince, it is his castle with his Landy parked beneath ready for all sorts of adventures into the unknown. 

Quick escapes involve a treacherous hang across make believe cliff edges as they practice and develop their upper body strength on the hang bars.

The climbing area is also a good challenge as well as providing for many hours of developing body strength and spatial perception as they experiment with somersaulting over bars, hanging by hands or knees, climbing and stretching. 

The learning possibilities are endless and integral to development.

This is also a “social” jungle gym as it encourages children to share, co-operate, be helpful and enjoy each other. 

The “Landy” is certainly a special and lasting investment for your family.

Standard Features

Ladder, two platforms, slide, challenging climbing area,  swinging car with 2 steering wheels and ladder with horizontal hang bars.

Optional Additions

  • Commando rope
  • Steering wheels
  • Bell
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Roof
  • Adjustable trapeze bar (convertible into swing)
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