Jungle Gym Swop-outs

A whole new playground?  Yes, it is possible!  We know that you want to provide your children with new, stimulating experiences.  Well, with our products, you can change as your children do.

The reason for our clearly defined age categories is that children need age-appropriate equipment to ensure safety.  Also, they need to develop all the skills necessary to advance further (e.g. stair climbing on our Mini gym as a Toddler as opposed to ladder climbing on the Roly gym).  Once every skill is mastered on that piece of equipment, they will be ready to adventure to new challenges.  You will see this start to happen and be ready to utilise our offering of a ‘swop-out’ 

For a ‘swop-out’, you can either upgrade (i.e. choose something in a higher age category) or look for something in the same age-category that will teach different skills (e.g. 2 Drum Balance Beam as opposed to a 6m Balance Beam).  Swop-outs do attract a fee so be aware of that, but I think you will find the flexibility worth it.

Join Waitlist Please note that we are currently only waitlisting rentals for KwaZulu-Natal based requests. If you live outside KwaZulu-Natal, please take a look at the 'Buy' portion of our web site as we do not rent gyms outside of KZN..