No ‘Hectic’ Jungle Gym Rental Contracts. Cancel if you have to.

Let’s face it, most contract deals are awesome – you get something you can’t afford to pay for up-front … until you need to cancel early. Suddenly all manner of surcharges and cancellation fees and ‘early termination’ clauses show up asking for “your money or your life”.

At KidZplay, we get that unexpected things happen, constraining your ability to continue. So, we don’t have any ‘contracts’ locking you into long term commitments and golden handcuffs. What we do have is a fair set of cancellation terms

It costs KidZplay money to place a jungle gym at your site. That is a simple fact of doing business. If you cancel before three months, we loose money having you as our client. Therefore, our cancellation terms seek only to make sure we don’t run at a loss on a rental. It works like this – the price you see on the products is the rental per month for a minimum twelve month period – this is a discounted. If you need to cancel before three months, the discount is negated, simple. If you want to see the difference between the twelve month jungle gym monthly rental and the three month monthly rental price, you can change the ‘Rental Term’ dropdown selection menu to Three months and the non-discounted monthly rental will be calculated on the page.

Our terms are designed to recover our activation costs, not fleece you for every cent we can get.

That’s it – no hidden clauses waiting to entrap you. You get to give your children all the wonderful benefits of having a jungle gym, without the worry of being tied into a long term contract.

You can read the KidZplay Rental Agreement T&C’s FAQ here.

Join Waitlist Please note that we are currently only waitlisting rentals for KwaZulu-Natal based requests. If you live outside KwaZulu-Natal, please take a look at the 'Buy' portion of our web site as we do not rent gyms outside of KZN..