Flexible Jungle Gym Rental Packages (KZN only)

I read a good one-liner the other day saying ‘Flexibility reduces stress’.  This is exactly what we want to do for you.

We offer 12 Jungle Gym Rental ‘packages’.  Over our 15+ years of operation, they have proven to be the most useful and successful for our customers. Because we are convinced that they work, we are offering you 10% off your monthly fee if you take any one of them.

HOWEVER, this is where the flexibility starts. Because you have a unique set of circumstances and children, and you are the one who knows them best, you can tailor-make your own package (not discounted). All you need to do is click on individual items to select them and build your own winning combination.

Where do I find these Jungle Gym bundle deals ..

Jungle Gym Combos for Children Aged 9 Months to 3 Years Old – Jungle Gyms for Toddlers

Jungle Gym Combos for Children Aged 2 to 5 Years Old

Jungle Gym Combos for Children Aged 4 to 9 Years Old

Join Waitlist Please note that we are currently only waitlisting rentals for KwaZulu-Natal based requests. If you live outside KwaZulu-Natal, please take a look at the 'Buy' portion of our web site as we do not rent gyms outside of KZN..