Commercial Playground Equipment for Hire

Robust, sturdy, safe, and fun steel jungle gyms for rental or to buy. Heavy-duty designs for high traffic use. Ideal for commercial playground environments such as shopping centres. Lots of jungle gym accessories available. KidZplay Steel Jungle Gyms are commercial playground equipment manufacturers servicing clients primarily in KwaZulu-Natal.

  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Fire-Engine

    Big Fantasy Toy Fire-Engine

    R132.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Airoplane_20

    Big Fantasy Toy Aeroplane

    R132.00 per month
  • KidZplay-Steel-Jungle-Gyms-Digger

    Big Fantasy Toy Digger

    R132.00 per month
  • Big Fantasy Toy Tractor

    R132.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Motorbike_21

    Big Fantasy Toy Motorbike

    R132.00 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Set-Up-Bundle_L141

    Set Up Combo

    R551.93 per month
Join Waitlist Please note that we are currently only waitlisting rentals for KwaZulu-Natal based requests. If you live outside KwaZulu-Natal, please take a look at the 'Buy' portion of our web site as we do not rent gyms outside of KZN..