0-3 Years Old

Jungle gym equipment perfectly sized for toddlers and children younger than 3 years old. The pipe thickness is specifically sized for little hands and bar spacing is suitable for little bodies. Safety is the key aspect in the design of a KidZplay jungle Gym for toddlers.

  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Mini-Jungle-Gym-Slide_11

    Mini Jungle Gym

    R504.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Dual-Swing_27

    A-frame Swing

    R240.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Toddler-Swing_23

    Friendship Swing

    R324.00 per month
  • Double Drums

    R240.00 per month
  • Single Drum

    R144.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Mini-Slide-on-stand_23

    Mini Slide on Stand

    R252.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Toy-Train

    Small Fantasy Toy Train Engine + 2 carriages

    R192.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Fire-Engine

    Small Fantasy Toy Fire-engine

    R132.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Airoplane_20

    Small Fantasy Toy Aeroplane

    R132.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Fantasy-Helicopter_07

    Small Fantasy Toy Helicopter

    R132.00 per month
  • KidZplay-Steel-Jungle-Gyms-Digger

    Small Fantasy Toy Digger

    R132.00 per month
  • KidZplay_Playground-Equipment_Motorbike_21

    Small Fantasy Toy Motorbike

    R132.00 per month
  • Small Fantasy Toy 4-Wheeler

    R132.00 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Set-Up-Bundle_L141

    Set Up Combo

    R551.93 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Smart-Start-Bundle_L131

    Smart Start Combo

    R745.20 per month
  • Special Deal! KidZplay-Playground-Equipment_Great-Beginnings-Bundle_L130

    Great Beginnings Combo

    R1,264.73 per month
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