Steel Playgrounds: Where fun meets safety.

So, sometimes I know you get asked how come you’ve selected to use steel in your playground as opposed to wood or maybe plastic…and maybe you get stumped in coming up with an answer that feels satisfying. For me, it just felt right but that does not help someone understand my decisions. So, I thought it would be a good idea to investigate more and give us all some pointers to be able to explain why we have chosen what we have. Believe me now that I have fully investigated, going for steel has been a really good choice since it certainly does give us a great balance between fun and safety.

So, why a steel structure?
First, let’s talk about why many playgrounds incorporate steel structures. Metal is durable, robust, and can withstand the test of time. It can also be moulded into captivating designs that ignite children’s imaginations – like our KidZplay steering wheels or fantasy toys. That said, ensuring safety with steel structures is paramount.


Safety starts with design…
The foundation of playground safety using steel structures begins with thoughtful design. Every steel component, from drums to climbing frames, should be carefully crafted with child safety in mind. Rounded edges, secure handrails, and non-slip surfaces are just a few design features to look out for. The wonder of steel is that it is while it has the necessary thinness for little hands to be able to grasp safely, it is strong enough to never break. Much of our KidZplay equipment was designed when I had little children myself, and, being a Foundation phase teacher, I am SO aware of the responsibility of caring for other people’s children to the best of our ability. Our feature of hand holds when coming down the slide was created after my youngest at 2 years old did a forward dive and broke his arm– we have definitely learnt from experience and taken this into our designing!


Materials matter
Quality is essential, and that’s where choosing the right materials comes into play. All our rental items are made from galvanised steel which is known for its rust-resistant properties. This ensures the equipment stays strong and safe, even in various weather conditions. Steel will be around for your children’s children!

Regular Maintenance is key
Just like any other equipment, steel structures need regular maintenance. Playground manufacturers, like us, design our metal structures to be low maintenance, but it’s still essential to inspect them periodically. Loose bolts or chipped paint, for example, should be addressed promptly to maintain safety. One of our design features to ensure safety is that the equipment is all pre-welded before galvanising to ensure there are very few bolts – it does mean though that our staff have some hairy experiences getting them into properties!

Over our 20 years of being in the industry, we have found that the optimal period for a full re-paint of our equipment is around 12 months. If you are renting, you can always expect to get a message from us around this time requesting that we do a safety check and touch up. Should you have bought our equipment, we recommend that you do a full check/repaint once a year at least to ensure it is in great condition. We are happy to quote on maintenance for you.

Supervision and education
Even with the safest steel structures, proper supervision and education are vital. Teach children how to play safely and responsibly. Encourage them to follow the rules and use the equipment as intended.

The joy of safe play
At the end of the day, the goal is to create a playground that offers endless joy while keeping children safe. Steel structures can be a wonderful addition, and when used correctly, they enhance the overall playground experience.

As a playground manufacturer, our commitment is not only to bring fun into children’s lives but also to ensure they can play without worries. We take pride in crafting steel structures that combine creativity and safety.

So, the next time your child rushes to explore a steel playground, you can smile, knowing that they’re about to embark on a thrilling adventure where fun meets safety.

Remember, it’s the laughter and smiles of our little ones that truly define the success of a playground, and a safe playground is where those precious moments happen.

KidZplay 2 Drum + balance beam playground set children playing
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