KidZplay Jungle Gym FAQ

Which is better; Buy or Rent?

This is a question often asked.  On the buying side, the joy is that you have a gym around for your grandchildren that is relatively easy to move around (i.e. it can move houses with you) and with a touch-up of paint, will look as good as new in 20 years time.  I was amazed the other day when I saw one of our gyms sell quickly on Gumtree for a price higher that we sell it for new – so resale is pretty good too…

On the rental side, you get the chance to change as the needs of your children change.  The Mini gym is perfectly designed for the 9 month to 3 year old, but after that is not challenging – so you need to upgrade.  This then makes sense to be able to rent.  After the age of 3 though, you would be fairly safe buying a gym structure (such as the Roly) that can then be added onto as your children grow (e.g. adding monkey bars and/or a fireman’s pole when they get to 4 and these elements are safe to use).

But renting also provides the great benefit of KidZplay doing all the maintenance so that you get to have a gym always looking it’s best in your garden and the option to change when you feel your children need a new challenge.  The product range is large and continually expanding - with much selection for each age range.  You know your situation best and the choice is yours…

Why do KidZplay use steel and not wood or plastic?

Firstly, from safety point of view – the steel gyms are the perfect grip size for little hands.  Steel does not crack in our harsh sun or splinter over time;

Secondly, they can be painted in bright, enticing colours (that do not fade with time) – perfect to entice children into your playground wonderland (away from that TV)…

Thirdly, they are low maintenance – no sanding but just that occasional lick of paint required and easy to wash down;

Fourthly, they can be moved around easily (and hence the ability to rent them out).  No implanting in the ground is required to hold them up.

Do steel gyms not get too hot?

This is often a concern…and yes, on our very hot January days, caution is needed in playing on them at midday as would it be with any outside equipment in our beautiful, sunny South Africa.  The joy of the equipment is that it can be moved to shady areas of your garden in summer and sunny areas in winter. The paint on the gyms also reduces the heat absorption.  We have purposely steered away from steel slides as the paint is literally sanded off.  Sometimes slides are just TOO tempting when it is hot and thus we make use of fibreglass slides which do not retain heat as much as the steel.

Are the gyms bolted together on-site?

The main part of the gym is pre-welded together as a unit and only the accessories (slides, commando ropes, swings) are attached on site.  This is done primarily for safety so that there are as few joins as possible to rattle and break in the long term.  This does mean that we can’t get gyms through your front door unfortunately!

Are there things I need to keep in mind when hiring equipment?

Yes, as the main part of the gym comes as a pre-welded unit, we cannot get them through a door or small alleyway to a back garden.  If you are concerned in any way about getting a gym in to your property, please send a short whattsapp video of your access to 0723407038, stating which gym you are keen on – and we will let you know if it is possible.

What happens if my children don’t like the equipment I have hired?

It is so easy to swop!!  Get them to have a look at the catalogue and choose.  Then, for a delivery/collection fee to your area, we will come and swop out for you – the beauty of renting.

Which areas does KidZplay Jungle Gyms service?

We service the whole of KwaZulu Natal for rentals and sales deliveries and will happily sell (for collection from your workshop) to anywhere else in the country.  If you put your address details in on the website for an order, it will calculate the appropriate delivery fee.

Won’t steel rust?

Our friendly galvanising company provide a 20 year guarantee against rust so if you buy, this guarantee comes with your gym.  Unfortunately the only parts we cannot guarantee are the chain and links since they do not come from our amazing galvanising company – but these can be easily replaced by your local hardware store.  With rentals, this is not an issue as KidZplay will replace any rusty chain.

Some areas in the country where it is very dry do not have rust issues so we do provide the option of buying non-galvanised gyms – which work out to be about 30% cheaper.  If you live anywhere near the coast or where is damp, PLEASE have the galvanising done – it is worth it in the long run.All rental gyms are galvanised so rust is not an issue there.

When I rent, who is responsible for maintaining the gyms?

KidZplay is responsible – however if someone was to test out a hammer on the slide (a situation we have had), the repair charge would unfortunately be to your account.

What happens if I move home during my rental contract?

We will happily come and collect and transport to your new home for a delivery/collection fee to your area.

Can I rent to buy?

KidZplay is not a financial institution so cannot do this.

How are we responding as a business to the Covid-19 pandemic?

We are very concerned about keeping us all as safe as possible in this current situation that our country faces.

Our staff are all checked twice daily and records kept of their temperatures.  They have all been issued with masks that are compulsory to wear at all times and change into clean clothes provided for them when they come to work each day.  When out on deliveries, they will sanitise their hands when arriving and leaving that premises.  They are also instructed to maintain social distance with you and your children.  We ask that you also wear a mask around them and maintain social distance, as well as use your own pen when signing any paperwork required.  The gym delivered to you have been washed properly – if you have any concerns, you are welcome to purchase a bottle of the sanitiser from the driver that we use on the equipment (please just let the office know beforehand to ensure they have stock).  Please do not use your sanitiser on the equipment as the alcohol may eat the paint – a good clean with soap and water will work well when you need to.

Are your jungle gyms bolted to the ground?

The answer to this is usually ‘No’. The gyms are designed to be able to sit on top of the ground so that they are moveable. Due to the way in which they are made, there is no risk of it falling over. We do hope that puts your mind at rest should this be of concern to you.

The beauty of this is that you can keep having a fresh playground by just changing where you put the equipment.  Even just moving it 90 degrees results in a whole different perspective – and new adventures! Ask your gardener or gardening service to move the gym to shade in summer and sun in winter.

The exceptions to the above are where a client has asked us to bolt gyms down for security purposes and we are happy to do this on request. Also, a couple of the items which are sale equipment only (e.g. the higher swings, round-abouts, implanted see-saw) have to be installed but this is clearly marked on our buy website.

How do KidZplay monthly rental payments work?

Once we finalise your delivery date, your contract will be set to run from that date until the end of your contract period (i.e. 3 months or 12 months, whatever you selected).

Your first invoice will cover the full month from that date until the same date in the following month (e.g. 10th January – 10th February). From then on, invoices will be due on that date each month to cover a full month period (i.e. the next one will be for example 10th February – 10th March).

If you are a private home, we will request that you set up a monthly payment off your internet banking account – all the details will be given to you on setting it up. For any school, restaurant, hotel etc, invoices will be sent each month and are payable within 7 days of invoice.

Join Waitlist Please note that we are currently only waitlisting rentals for KwaZulu-Natal based requests. If you live outside KwaZulu-Natal, please take a look at the 'Buy' portion of our web site as we do not rent gyms outside of KZN..